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Not Located Toponyms

Currently we are unable to locate the toponyms below. In case you have some information on these, please write to contact us.

  • ککوه - some fortress in 1730. It is not the 'Hungarian' Kekköy - НБКМ, Ор. 316A/223; click for image
  • قره جه ویران - ?Karacaviran - 19 cent. is a village in Izmit sancak, most probably in the kaza of Geyve.
  • زرکوز - ?Zergöz - 1284 is kaza in the sancak of Süleymaniye. extract from document
  • مندالیات and طراحیه - Trahya and ?Mendilyat? - in 19 century both these were kaza in Menteşe sancak, Aydın vilayet. While Trahya reading is confirmed the location remains unknown. ?Mendilyat? is undetermined in both reading and location.
  • ای طوطان - Aytutan, Ay Tutan - mid 19 cent. in Bigadiç kaza → Balıkesir sancak - НБКМ, Ор. 226A/909 f. 5
  • الحاج دیندار - El-hac Dindar mahallesi - in 1253 mahalle (could be also kariye) with two muhtar and imam. Unknown location, but most probably it is in Bulgaria.
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