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Kağıt emini

کاغد امینی - Person in charge, and also the name of a kalem, of züema ve erbab-i timar tezkireleri, ahkam-i şikayet ve berevat rüsumu and all consumables for writing. He is forth grade in hacegan in Baş muhasebe and there are two similar kağıt emini positions. This position is discontinued in 1249 (1833).

کاغد بیرون امینی

Kağıd-i birun emini - Also called Dış kağıt emini, is responsible for Anadolu province.

کاغد اندرون امینی

Kağıd-i enderun emini - Also called İç kağıt emini, is responsible for Rumeli province.1)


  • Mehmet Zeki Pakalın, Osmanlı Tarih Deyimleri ve Terimleri Sözlüğü, İstanbul 1946
1) currently i can not confirm that for sure:?:
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