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Küçük Hüseyin Paşa

Hüseyin Paşa (حسین پاشا) - Also known as Küçük Hüseyin Paşa and Tayazade Damad Küçük Hüseyin Paşa1).

Born in Georgia around 1757 - 7.12.1803 Istanbul. Bacame Kapudan-i Derya on 11 Mart 1792.

In 1797 he entered Sofya and took it back from Pazvantoğlu. Stayed there for more than a year and effectively put the region under his direct rule2).


НБКМ Ор. S30bis - sicil of the kadı of Sofya kaza during 1798 - 1799. Contains many decrees issued by him.

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2) НБКМ Ор. S30bis
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