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Sarıca Paşa

Sarıca Paşa (صاریچه پاشا ;صاریجه پاشا) died 1436, during the reign of Murat II.

Founder of the first Ottoman shipyard, situated in Galipoli (Galibolu Tersanesi).

Appointed vezir during the reign of Murat I, participated in the battle of Kosovo. Later appointed Kaptan-i Derya in Galipoli and there founded Galibolu Tersanesi, the first proper ottoman shipyard.

In 1042 AH There was imaret in Galibolu named after him.

There is a türbe of Sarıca Paşa in Galibolu, still operational. The biggest hamam in Galipoli is also constructed by his order and is named after him.

In Edirne there are mahalle and mosque called Sarıca Paşa.


gelibolu vaki sarıca paşa imaret... - НБКМ, Ор. сбирки

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