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Sofu Mehmed Paşa

Sofu (Sofi) Mehmed Paşa (صوفی محمد پاشا) - Ottoman vezir during the 2nd half of 16th century. Probably from Bosnian origin and died around 1604. :!: not to be mistaken with Sofu Mehmed Paşa who was Grand Vezier later in the 17th century :!:

Famous for creating many community buildings in Sofya. Among them is the Black Mosque (Kara Cami, Imaret Camii, now church). Vakıf with his name existed to support these facilities.


НБКМ Ор. S308 - sicil of the kadı of Sofya kaza during 1619 - 1620. Contains several documents about his vakıf.
Inventory of Ottoman Turkish Documents about Waqf Preserved in the Oriental Department at the St St Cyril and Methodius National Library. Sofia, 2003.

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