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Feçet - (فاقد ,فاچت ,فاچد; hu. Facsad and rarely Facset, ro. Faget, ru. Фэджет, ger. Fatschet, bg. Феджет)

Small fortress in the sancak of Temeşvar.

Location - Transylvania, Western Romania N 45°51'0 E 22°11'0map

:!:According to Hegyi this fortress has another name in Ottoman Turkish - Endrod / Endröd


kala-i feçet der liva-i temeşvar - НБКМ Ор. 316A/190

  • Clara Hegyi in Ottomans, Hungarians, and Habsburgs in Central Europe: The Military Confines in the Era of Ottoman Conquest (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage) 2000

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