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Gekbuze - (ککبوزه; now. Gebze, Bg. Гебзе)

1330 is kaza in the sancak of Izmit (independent).

During the eyalet system it was kaza in the sancak of Izmit / Kocaeli, eyalet of Hudavendigar

Location - Northwestern Anatolia. Now the biggest ilçe of the vilayet of Izmit / Kocaeli. N 40° 47' 52'' E 29° 25' 50' map

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in 1330:



  • Güzeller (كوزللر)
  • Hacı Halil (حاجی خلیل)
  • Mustafa Paşa

misc places:

  • Ayazma (آیازمه) in nahiye of Darica


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