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Mehadia - (مهادیه; Mehadiye; ro/hu. Mehadia, bg. Мехадия)

Small fortress (palanka) in Banat.

Location - Southwestern Romania, N 44° 54' 3 E 22° 22' 1 map

First attacked by Ottomans in 1395, during the reign of Bayezid 1.

On 30 August 1738 (Mahmud 1.) Ottoman forces under Hacı İvaz Paşa retook Mehadia, Adakale ve Yeni Palanka fortresses from Austria.


mehadia palankalarının- НБКМ Ор. 316A/27

  • Ottomans, Hungarians, and Habsburgs in Central Europe: The Military Confines in the Era of Ottoman Conquest (Ottoman Empire and Its Heritage) by Pal Fodor (Editor), Geza David (Editor)

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