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Ulukışla or Şücaeddin - (شجاالدین; شجاع‌الدین; اولوقشلا; Ulu Kışla; Şuca-üd-din or even Secaadddin)

Now ilçe in the il of Niğde.

Location - Central Anatolia ~N 37° 33' 0 E 34° 30' 0map

Up to 1859 it was a nahiye with seat in Beyağıl kariye in the kaza of Bora.1)

In 1281 AH (1865/ 1866) it is a kaza in the sancak of Niğde.2)


şücaeddin kazası - kaza of Şücaeddin (Ulukışla) in the sancak of Niğde in 1281 AH (1865/ 1866)

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1) ?citation?
2) from unpublished document given as a refference
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