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Zacna - (زاجنه / زاجسنه; now Croatian: Cernik; Turkish: Çernik)

A very mysterious sancak in the eyalet of Bosna, which is almost always excluded by researchers when talking about administrative division of Bosna. Mentioned by Evliya Çelebi and found in archive documents dated in the end of the 16th century1). Because it is rarely mentioned there are frequent mistakes in reading such as: Raçna, Zacesne, Zacasna and many others.

Location - N 45.17, E 17.22; in Croatia, Brodsko-Posavska countymap

:!: According some researchers2) the center of this sancak is to be found in what is now Pakrac

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1) such as НБКМ, Ор. 316А/190
2) Klaus Schwarz in Osmanische Sultansurkunden
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