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Rules and Legal Policies

Although our goal is free distribution of information, there are some rules that all contributors have to accept. Copyright issues are of importance to.


You can use all the information in Ottomanist Wiki for free, but still there are some rights reserved. Unless otherwise stated, all articles are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0. The full text of the license mentioned can be found here. If it seems somewhat cryptic here is the essence:

:!: You can use all the information here as you like (distribute it, change it etc.) under the condition to give proper attribution. :!:

In other words - you have to cite this site.


Actually there is only one rule: All contributors / authors of Ottomanist Wiki must not publish here copyrighted material, unless they own the rights of that particular material.


In case you stumble upon violation of term and conditions mentioned above, please contact Ottomanist Wiki administrator at info [at] ottomanist [dot] info.

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